Nancy Milstead Criss

Class of 1979

As Co-Founder and President of Nandar Entertainment Group, Nancy turned her early love of horses, rodeo competition, and acting into a great success as an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry.  Nancy was a successful businesswoman even before her success in the entertainment world.  She grew a local mail services business into a million-dollar-plus firm; developed Global Services of Arizona, an international delivery service company and a multi-million dollar enterprise; and recently opened a retail store in the San Tan Valley featuring western tack, rodeo gear, and livestock feed.

Nancy’s true passion is the entertainment field, especially movies.  Nancy has received several prestigious awards for her achievements in film and her two newest films have just been released:  “Sparrow” and “A Horse for Summer”.   Even with her super busy schedule, Nancy still enjoys competing in the Professional Women’s Rodeo Association.


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