Hall of Fame

Marana High School has a rich history of over 90 years with many outstanding alumni. Hall of Fame Inductees were selected on the basis of community service or professional, personal, business and military accomplishments. Inductees to the Marana High School Hall of Fame serve as role model to current and future students.

2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

Clay Parsons

1979 MHS graduate

One of Clay’s greatest joys is being able to give back to the community by supporting MHS football and basketball programs, FFA steak dinners and FFA and 4-H programs. He purchases animals from Marana students and donates the money back to families and programs.  In addition, Clay conducts roll-over auctions to raise money for community causes.

Clay has a passion for agriculture and supports students interested in a future in farming and ranching, helping to promote and sustain agriculture in the Marana Community.  Clay is a successful business person, a man of his word and loves to give back to his community.

The Parson family moved to Marana in 1972.  Clay attended Estes Elementary, Marana Junior High and graduated from Marana High School in 1979.

Clay was a three-letter athlete at MHS.  He was All City Point Guard in basketball and on the 1978-1979 Regional Championship team.  He played four years of MHS football.

Clay loved team sports, but really excelled in the rodeo arena.  He was a member of the Marana Rodeo team and in 1978 was the National High School All-Around Cowboy, National High School Team Roping Champion and National High School Calf Roping Champion.

Clay continued his rodeo career at Central Arizona College, The University of Arizona and the professional circuit for several years. He won numerous championship awards in calf roping, team roping and All-Around Cowboy categories. Clay still rodeos today in the Grand Canyon Professional Rodeo Association, where he recently won the All-Around Champion Cowboy.

In the early 90’s, Clay took a break from rodeo to focus on family, ranching and his growing business.  In 1993, Clay opened Marana Stockyards and Livestock Market which is now the largest cattle auction in the State of Arizona and one of the most well-respected auctions in the nation.

Marana High School

Hall of Fame Members

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W. H. Pat Garrett – 1993
Ora Mae Harn – 1993
Don Hawkins – 1993
William Pekelder – 1993
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Tony Komadina, III – 1995
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Betty Ord – 1996
Anne Randolph – 1996
Jim Rex – 1997
David Santa Maria – 1997
Peter Hum – 1998
Cleo Robinson – 1998
Munson W. Steed – 1998
Ricardo Valencia – 1998
Ed Honea – 2014
Walt Maxam – 2014
Leroy Peoples – 2014
Jerry Robinson – 2015
Sherry Cervi – 2015
Nancy Milstead Criss – 2016
Barney M. Holtzman – 2016
Toby Bourguet – 2017
Jim Hunter – 2017