Hall of Fame

Marana High School has a rich history of over 90 years with many outstanding alumni. Hall of Fame Inductees were selected on the basis of community service or professional, personal, business and military accomplishments. Inductees to the Marana High School Hall of Fame serve as role model to current and future students.

The nomination form is due by January 11th

2019 Hall of Fame Inductee

Davina Rudnick Fankhauser

1988 MHS Graduate

Davina Rudnick Fankhauser came to MUSD in 1981 when she was in 6th grade.  While attending Marana High School from 1984-1988, Davina was involved in student council, model legislature, and was the equipment manager for the auxiliary teams in the marching band. She was chairperson of the Hall of Fame committee as part of the student council.

After graduation, Davina attended Northern Arizona University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Speech Communication.  She returned to MUSD teaching at Marana Plus and was recognized as the Long Realty Teacher of the Year.  She furthered her education with a master’s degree in Curriculum Development from Chapman University.

Davina became a passionate proponent of IVF (in-vitro fertilization) and family building after she struggled to begin her own family.  It took 10 years to create her dream of two beautiful children, Isabelle and Brandon.  Through her own hardships she has become a beacon of light for those who struggle with infertility.

Davina took her hard-learned knowledge and co-founded the non-profit, Fertility Within Reach to help other families.  She is a renowned expert on family building and IVF. Davina created a self-help guide book to assist with getting insurance coverage for IVF. She is an advocate on the state and national level, and an expert who speaks nationally and internationally.

Davina has lobbied the United States Congress for inclusion of IVF in health care policies. Through her passion, charisma, and tenacity, Davina reached a milestone by getting the definition of infertility changed to a chronic condition at state and federal levels.  Another important victory came with retaining medical deductions for IVF in the 2017 tax code revisions.

Davina makes a difference in the lives of families across the country and around the world.

Marana High School

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