Hall of Fame

Marana High School has a rich history of over 90 years with many outstanding alumni. Hall of Fame Inductees were selected on the basis of community service or professional, personal, business and military accomplishments. Inductees to the Marana High School Hall of Fame serve as role model to current and future students.

2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

Toby Bourguet

1994 MHS graduate

In high school, Toby received several state and national honors as a scholar athlete.  He attended ASU graduating in 1998 with a degree in communication while being on the Dean’s list.  In addition, Toby is the founder of the Marana High School Turkey Bowl, an adult flag football game for MHS alumni that has been a fund and fun raising tradition for 20 years.

Upon graduation, Toby was recruited to join the Jim Click Automotive team becoming the youngest salesperson in the history of the company to earn the role of Fleet Manager and was Jim Click’s Salesperson of the Year from 2001-2009.  After 11 years with Jim Click, Toby opened Tucson Turf, a waterless lawn company.  In 2008, Tucson Turf was winner of the Marana Community and Business Award.  In both 2015 and 2016, Tucson Turf was awarded Best Turf Company in Tucson by the Arizona Daily Star.

Though a business success, Toby’s passion is for the Marana community, Marana High School and its youth. Toby works to provide a positive impact for children and serves as a positive role model for them and their parents.  He has spent 25 years giving motivational speeches about choices and making good decisions.  Toby has spent countless hours coaching youth in a variety of sports and since 2007 has lead his 7-on-7 football teams to over 50 state and 24 national titles.  Toby places an emphasis on Sportsmanship and his teams have received several National Tournament Character Counts Awards for their exemplary sportsmanship.

Jim Hunter

1970 MHS graduate

Jim grew up in the mining town of Silverbell and was very active during his four years at Marana High School, including Student Council and Victory Club.  He played basketball and was a member of the 1969 State Champion Varsity Team. He is an alumnus of the University of Arizona and while a student there began working as a bank teller to help finance school and support his family.  This job eventually lead to his current and successful career in banking.

For the past three decades, Jim has been the top Small Business Administration (SBA) lender in Southern Arizona and one of the top small business lenders in the nation.  Per Jim Click of Jim Click Automotive, “It’s fantastic that right here in Tucson we have someone that has the knowledge to help small business owners access those dollars.”

Jim has been active in the Tucson community through his church and Junior Achievement, mentoring UA Eller College students and interns at the UA.  He cofounded the networking organization Commercial Real Estate Association of Tucson.  Jim is an advocate for small businesses and takes great pride in being able to help a multitude of small business owners over the years.

Marana High School

Hall of Fame Members

Bob Honea – 1986
Tony Komadina, II – 1986
Elsie Mann – 1986
Paul Robinson – 1986
Roy Woods – 1986
Alonzo “Lon” Adams – 1987
Melvin Brunson – 1987
John P. Collins – 1987
Joe Parsons – 1987
Robert Rice – 1987
Chris Bustamante – 1988
Sonny Campbell – 1988
Kathleen Henry – 1988
Richard Hinton – 1988
Nannie McDuff – 1988
Robert Ludwig – 1989
Richard Nolen – 1989
Norman J. Patton – 1989
Barbara Stevenson-Jackson – 1989
Dorothy Mae Wincher – 1989
Gertha Brown-Hurd – 1990
Marjorie Estes – 1990
Don Frew – 1990
Robert M. Hunter – 1990
Dean Wolfe – 1990
Edward Anway – 1991
Brad Despain – 1991
Wallace J. Dobbins – 1991
Cleveland Colter Sr. – 1992
Duane Croop – 1992
Frederick Hill – 1992
Vickie Patton – 1992
W. H. Pat Garrett – 1993
Ora Mae Harn – 1993
Don Hawkins – 1993
William Pekelder – 1993
Paul Saxe – 1993
Scott D. Foster – 1995
Tony Komadina, III – 1995
Mary Ann Twarog – 1995
Betty Ord – 1996
Anne Randolph – 1996
Jim Rex – 1997
David Santa Maria – 1997
Peter Hum – 1998
Cleo Robinson – 1998
Munson W. Steed – 1998
Ricardo Valencia – 1998
Ed Honea – 2014
Walt Maxam – 2014
Leroy Peoples – 2014
Jerry Robinson – 2015
Sherry Cervi – 2015
Nancy Milstead Criss – 2016
Barney M. Holtzman – 2016